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We would like to thank the members of the EASM Conference Scientific Committee, Tim Stroebel, Claas Christian Germelmann and Hippolyt Kempf for the great teamwork. As a team, we like to express our sincere thanks to all the reviewers who have kindly volunteered their valuable time in order to help colleagues to progress with their work and to increase the overall scientific quality of the conference. With the high number of initial submissions, the role of dedicated and knowledgeable reviewers is indispensable. Furthermore, we would also like to express our gratitude to Bo Carlson, Sven Junghagen, Michaël Mrkonjic and Christian Moesch, who acted as review chairs for some of our 14 parallel session topics. Last but not least, the efforts Jörg Königstorfer and Ulrik Wagner put into organising the ESMQ New Researcher Award and the EASM PhD Seminar are outstanding and provide significant opportunities for emerging sport management scholars to flourish.

Tim Breitbarth & Siegfried Nagel
(Co-Chairs Scientific Committee)

Christos Anagnostopoloulos, Molde University College
Wladimir Andreff, University of Paris
Emmanuel Bayle, University of Lausanne
Gerardo Bielons, Events GB
Anne Bourke, University College Dublin
Tim Breitbarth, Bournemouth University
Christoph Breuer, German Sport University Cologne
Bo Carlsson, Malmö University
Jean-Loup Chappelet, University of Lausanne
Ruth Crabtree, Northumbria University
Veerle De Bosscher (NRA), Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Inge Derom, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Michel Desbordes, Université Paris Sud
Alison Doherty, Western University
Harald Dolles, Molde University College
Paul Downward (NRA), Loughborough University
Guido Ellert, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences
Agnes Elling, Mulier Instituut
Eike Emrich, Saarland University
Josef Fahlen, Umeå University
Jens Flatau, Kiel University
Egon Franck, University of Zurich
Claas Christian Germelmann, University of Bayreuth
Vassil Girginov (NRA), Brunel University London
B. Christine Green, University of Illinois
Reinhard Haudenhuyse, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Bob Heere, University of South Carolina
Ian Henry, Loughborough University
Remco Hoekman, Mulier Institute
Chris Horbel, University of Southern Denmark
Gregor Hovemann, Leipzig University
Christopher Huth, University of Bayreuth
Bjarne Ibsen, University of Southern Denmark
Sven Junghagen, Copenhagen Business School
Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy, Heilbronn University
Hippolyt Kempf, Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen SFISM
Lisa, Kihl University of Minnesota
Marie-Luise Klein, Ruhr-University Bochum
Christoffer Klenk, University of Bern
Claudia Klostermann, University of Bern
Thomas Könecke, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Jörg Königstorfer (NRA), Technical University of Munich
Thilo Kunkel, Temple University
Reinhard Kunz, University of Bayreuth
Markus Kurscheidt, University of Bayreuth
Hans Lichtsteiner, University of Fribourg
Daniel Lock, Bournemouth University
Jo Lucassen, Mulier Institute
Elisavet Manoli, Loughborough University
Christian Moesch, University of Bern
Michaël Mrkonjic, Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen SFISM
John Nadeau, Ohio University
Siegfried Nagel, University of Bern

Klaus Nielsen, University of London
Gerhard Nowak, IST - University of Applied Sciences
Laila Ottesen, University of Copenhagen
Dimitra Papadimitriou, University of Patras
Tim Pawlowski (NRA), University of Tübingen
Thomas Persson, University of Southern Denmark
Frank Pons (NRA), Université Laval
Bastian Popp, Saarland University
Holger Preuss, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Marc Probst, Swiss Academy for Development
Kari Puronaho, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Risto Rasku, JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Anne Renaud, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen
B. David Ridpath, Ohio University
Harold Riemer, University of Regina
Leigh Robinson, University of Stirling
Heinz Rütter, Rütter Soceco AG
James Santomier, Sacred Heart University
Guido Schafmeister, Sport Management Academy Bayreuth
Jeroen Scheerder, University of Leuven
Torsten Schlesinger, Chemnitz University of Technology
Norbert Schütte, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Ørnulf Seippel, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Simon Shibli (NRA), Sheffield Hallam University
David Shilbury, Deakin University
Roya Shokoohi, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Berit Skirstad, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Harry Arne Solberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Hanspeter Stamm, Lamprecht and Stamm SFB AG
Jürg, Stettler Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Maximilian Stieler, University of Bayreuth
Rasmus K. Storm, Danish Institute for Sports Studies & NTNU Business School
Tim Ströbel, University of Bern
Kimmo Suomi, University of Jyväskylä
Per Svensson, Louisiana State University
Marijke Taks, University of Ottawa
Tracy Taylor (NRA), University of Technology Sydney
Nicholas Theodorakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Ansgar Thiel, University of Tübingen
Lutz Thieme, University of Applied Sciences Koblenz
Sebastian Uhrich, German Sport University Cologne
Maarten van Bottenburg, Utrecht University
Jan-Willem van der Roest, Mulier Institute
Frank van Eekeren, Utrecht University
Ulrik Wagner, University of Southern Denmark
Stefan Walzel, German Sport University Cologne
Mike Weed, Canterbury Christ Church University
Jeremy Weill, Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen SFISM
Felix Wemmer (NRA), Technical University of Munich
Pamela Wicker, German Sport University Cologne
Herbert Woratschek, University of Bayreuth
Jolanta Zysko, Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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