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The City of Bern

Bern has been the political centre of Switzerland since 1848, holding the seat of Federal Parliament and the Swiss National Bank. The city's medieval old town is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site and the four miles of arcades in the old city are said to be the longest shopping promenade in Europe. There are many opportunities to do sport or spend active leisure time in and around Bern, or up in the mountains. In summer when the water is warm enough, the experience of swimming in the river Aare is particularly exciting. Importantly for this conference, most hotels and historical sites in Bern are within walking distance of the conference centre.

The University of Bern is closely associated with the Swiss capital city of Bern. Located on the bend of the River Aare, the city is the country's political center and a popular tourist destination. Academic excellence has earned Bern an international reputation. A large variety of education, sport and cultural opportunities as well as high living and environmental standards make Bern an attractive place for students of all levels as well as for hosting conferences. The University’s comprehensive offering includes 8 faculties and some 160 institutes with ca. 17,500 students.

Travel to Bern

Bern is centrally located in Switzerland and Europe with excellent air, rail and road connections. The Bern-Belp airport offers several international connections. Furthermore, Bern has fast rail connection to the airports of Zürich, Basel and Geneva.

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